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What is the School Recycling Club?

The School Recycling Club assists schools in implementing, maintaining and improving recycling programs!  We are housed and managed by the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA).

The program gives new or existing school groups a chance to join a program that will help them promote or advance their efforts, network with other school groups, and stimulate school recycling, reducing waste and save energy.

The School Recycling Club can help you with:

  • The latest news in the school recycling community;

  • Gain recognition for your school's recycling efforts;

  • Receive technical assistance for school recycling; and

  • Access multiple grant opportunities!

The School Recycling CLUB has over 230-member schools and over 85,000 participating students!  We can help you put your school on the road to becoming greener.

Student Recyclers makes school recycling happen!

Many municipalities have successful recycling programs, but what about the "community within the community": our schools. By adopting a school recycling program, schools can establish and reinforce environmentally sound practices throughout the students lives, giving them the opportunity to continue this behavior as adults.

Why Recycle at Schools?

Recycling is removing materials from the waste stream and put them to new uses. By adopting a recycling program, a school not only removes materials from the waste stream, but can also:

  • reduce disposal costs,

  • save valuable landfill space,

  • conserve natural resources,

  • provide students educational opportunities, and

  • empower students with the knowledge that their actions CAN make a difference!



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