The NRRA School Recycling Club
Northeast Resource Recovery Association

2015 Conference Pictures

Mini-TOLD Picture Gallery:


Setting up the mini-TOLDPreparing to sortFinding treasure in the trashWhat IS that?Look what we found!Where's the compost bin?WHOA!Happy, smiling faces ...



Other Exhibits & Activities:



Browsing the exhibitsBrowsing the exhibitsLounging in the Registration LobbyPaint the Can FinishedPaint the Can in processLine up for the Obstacle CourseEnergy Bike & Toxic Terry, HH Hazardous Waste & Water ConservationHitting the exhibitsWhere to now?How many bins can we carry?What should we do next?Paint the Can - AfterPaint the Can (Rain Barrel) BeforeSchool CLUB BoothRace to Recycle AKA Obstable CourseTrying the Energy BikeLearning about foamJack Golden's Balancing ActEverybody grab a marker!Choosing Earth Friendly Products



Jack Golden’s “Garbage Is My Bag”


Jack Golden as Dr. T with student volunteerDr. T with another student assistantMaking use of brain powerDSC09854DSC09851DSC09846DSC098382015 NRRA CONF - DR T (9)2015 NRRA CONF - DR T (4)2015 NRRA CONF - DR T (2)