The NRRA School Recycling Club
Northeast Resource Recovery Association

How to Join


The School Recycling Club (The CLUB) is a FREE program for all New Hampshire schools as well as schools in other states whose communities are members of the Northeast Resource Recovery Association (Co-op). For students and teachers in grades K-12, The CLUB serves as a centralized organization to become more active in the world of recycling. The CLUB is a fun and innovative way to give kids encouragement, direction, and networking possibilities for school recycling programs.

The guidelines for membership are:

  • The school is currently recycling or agrees to recycle at least one item (i.e. paper, aluminum cans) within one year’s time of joining The CLUB.
  • There is a centralized group (i.e., organization, eco-club, academic class). Any existing group can join or a new organization or club can be formed.
  • The group has written permission of the Principal or Vice Principal to join and has one (1) adult contact (teacher, guidance counselor, administrator, etc.).

Upon becoming a member of The CLUB, the group will receive a “Membership Packet”, which contains everything needed to become an active member of The CLUB, including a membership Certificate!