The NRRA School Recycling Club

Northeast Resource Recovery Association

2014 Conference





We had a very successful 5th Annual  “Conference within a Conference” School Recycling Conference that ran all day on Tuesday, June 10th, 2014. This was a great opportunity to reach out to students, teachers and administrators at all levels, and provided a one stop shop for all your school recycling information needs!  The annual School Recycling CLUB Awards were presented at the mid-day ceremony. For member status you can contact The CLUB at 603.736.4401 ext 17 or (all schools in NH are members).

The 2014 Conference saw great success with six workshops, the expo, awards ceremony and the hands -on Mini–T.O.L.D. (Trash On the Lawn Day) and over 100 attendees! We received great feedback and had a lot of fun, click here to view pictures!