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The Team Earth Program



The NRRA School Recycling CLUB is pleased to offer the “Team Earth” Awards program – a program developed to recognize CLUB members (and provide potential for prizes!) for the great work they are doing in the world of school recycling!!

Whether you are a CLUB member or not, the Activity Manual is a great way to get started and ease into recycling at your school. It lists out a number of activities and their point values.  Teachers and students can select the activities they want to accomplish. Please note that you must be a CLUB member to earn prizes.

“Team Earth” has three levels of recognition: “Bronze,” “Silver” and “Gold.” The level of award is directly dependent on how proactive a school recycling club is, i.e., how many items it recycles, how actively it promotes its program, educating people on the importance of recycling, etc. For each recycling activity a club undertakes it receives “Team Earth” points. It is through these points that a school can reach for the “Gold” and receive the highest level of school recycling recognition awarded.

How does a school earn points?

Complete an activity listed in the “Team Earth” Activity Guide or contact The CLUB with your own activity ideas to determine their point value. Activities can be completed by individuals or by groups (students, teachers, staff, volunteers, parents, etc…..)



Fill out a Team Earth Activity Application and send it to The CLUB. You can fill out the application form at any time – some schools may fill one out every time they complete an activity or wait until they have completed an entire awards level of activities. Awards are as follows:

BRONZE – Beginning the Awards program!

  • 30 “Team Earth” points.
  • Recycle 2 items.
  • Reward – Bronze Award Sticker; CLUB Press Release to local paper.


SILVER – Going beyond basics!

  • 60 “Team Earth” points.
  • Recycle 3 items.
  • Reward – Silver Award Sticker; CLUB Press Release to local paper; automatic entry in the Conference drawing for $200 CLUB programming credit.


GOLD – Reaching for the highest level of recognition!

  • 100 “Team Earth” points.
  • Recycle 4 items.
  • All 3 levels must be reached within 4 years in order to achieve a “Gold Award.”
  • Reward – Gold Award Sticker; CLUB Press Release to local paper; Sapling picautomatic entry in the Conference drawing for $200 CLUB programming credit; Best of the Best Award presented at Annual Conference; Free Conference Registration for winner and one guest; Free Tree* (up to $250) and planting ceremony at your school.

            *Limited to 1 tree every 4 years; NH Schools Only.