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School News You Can Use – May, 2020




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While our Annual Conference has been cancelled, watch for our exciting new Summer Webinar Series.

We are inviting our Conference speakers to present their workshops in a webinar format.

Professional development credits will be available where applicable.  Keep your certification  current!

Stay tuned for updates soon!





Permission Granted to Come Aboard our SHIP

FREE Recycling Lessons Now Available!

We are proud to announce that we have launched our SHIP (Supporting Home Instruction Program)! This FREE series of recycling lessons is available to all teachers, parents and students. We are taking lessons from our 3R’s of the Common Core and Teaching Toxics curricula, adding activities, videos and games to provide a diverse weekly lesson.

Just go to our Teacher Resources Tab to access them!    

Our FREE recycling lessons are being made available due to the generous support of NH the Beautiful! We look forward to presenting our workshops and technical assistance programs when schools are cleared to reopen.  Until then, we hope you will use these lessons and our newsletters to keep current with “all things recycling!”




Help Us Get the Word Out!

Post one (or all) of our flyers at your facility or municipal building. Let parents and teachers know we are offering FREE weekly lesson plans that are aligned with National Common Core Standards.



Download and print the PDF here:  Flyer 1, Flyer 2, Flyer 3




Good News from RightCycle

Hello Gwen,

Congratulations on your outstanding waste diversion accomplishments in Q1 2020!  By participating in the RIGHTCYCLE* Program, Northeast Resource Recovery Association School has diverted 28 pounds of glove waste from landfills. Thank you for your commitment to corporate social responsibility and your continued efforts to reduce your impact on the environment.

It all adds up to zero landfill and a more efficient workplace. 

Have a great day,

Stephanie Cesa






Announcing our Newly Combined NRRA/CLUB Facebook Page!

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As part of our on-going mission of providing a “one-stop shopping” experience for our readers, we have combined the School Recycling CLUB and NRRA Facebook pages. Please visit us at our new digs:
We hope you “like” us and “follow” us!

What has your recycling club (or transfer station) been up to?

Send us your pictures and we’ll share them in our next newsletter!




New Schedule for M.O.M. Meetings

NRRA was holding weekly Member/Operations/Marketing Meetings to address CV-19 concerns.  As information is gathered and released, we will move those meetings to biweekly.

To see scheduling changes, go to the NRRA webpage or sign up for our Full of Scrap newsletter.




Need a Sign for Your School or Facility?

Did you know . . . that NH towns can get free recycling signage through NH the Beautiful?


Towns are allotted a certain number of points each year which they can use for standard town or school signs.


Check with your local Transfer Station or contact for details on point status and eligibility.





Planning an Event This Year? Reserve a Can Cage or RecycleMobile! (PRAPSE We Can Help!)


Thanks to the generous sponsorship of NRRA, NRRA’s School Recycling CLUB and Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc., the Can Cages (2) are available for loan to member schools for FREE!

For more information CLICK HERE or contact Programs Coordinator, Gwen Erley at




Thanks to the generous sponsorship of NRRA and New Hampshire the Beautiful, Inc., our three RecycleMobiles are available for loan to NH schools, municipalities and community groups for FREE!

Please contact the NRRA by telephone at (603) 736-4401 or by e-mail at for more information and scheduling details. To reserve the RecycleMobile for your community’s event, download, complete and send in the RecycleMobile Reservation Form.

CLUB NOTE:  See Event Planning Help under PRAPSE grant information below!




Thanks to NH the Beautiful, schools may purchase discounted recycling bins and ClearStreams.


For discounted school recycling bins, go to:



For discounted school ClearStreams™ Recyclers, go to:




PRAPSE We Can Pivot!

NRRA is re-tooling its USDA RUS SWTAT grant for event planners, educators, transfer station operators, administrators, and health professionals. We continue to help members make informed decisions concerning chemicals and waste; but, our on-site, hands-on support is faced with a new look for the time being.

Though the approach has shifted, the goal has not. NRRA continues to support the protection of drinking water resources and encourage mindful materials management practices through public health and environmental education programs in public spaces. Stay tuned for the details!




Attention School Nurses!


PRAPSE School Nurse Survey

As part of our PRAPSE research, we are canvassing school nurses in NH, VT and MA

about how they handle their medical waste.

If you know a school nurse, please feel free to send them this link to our very short, anonymous survey:





Attention All Operators, Staff and Emergency Responders!


PRAPSE Medical Waste Roundtable Events

The purpose of the PRAPSE (Promoting Recycling at Public Spaces and Events) Free Online Medical Waste Disposal Roundtables is to share and discuss information about current take back programs in your area for proper disposal of medical sharps and prescription drugs.
Please join us as we share our experiences and expertise in an effort to better understand this important and timely topic. We held our first on-site roundtable on March 4 in Plymouth, NH and our second “virtual” roundtable on April 30.

Upcoming “virtual” roundtable events are set for May 28 and June 18 (formerly June 25). They’ll both be held on the GoToMeeting platform. For registration information, contact





The TOLD to Go Tool Kit!

NRRA’s Trash On the Lawn Day is our most popular on-site program. Under the NRRA School Recycling Club’s guidance, student leaders organize a waste sort of an entire day’s worth of trash. However, sometimes NRRA staff are not available and the weather is a challenge. That’s where the TOLD to Go Tool Kit comes in!  Schools now have control over setting their own date as well as the flexibility to reschedule their event due to weather concerns or scheduling conflicts. The TOLD to Go Tool Kit is available for rent at a very affordable rate and will be shipped directly to your site.  The Kit includes:

  • a training video on flash drive and training manual with templates and step-by-step instructions
  • a scale, clipboard, pens and data sheet for recording weights
  • signs and bags for the individual containers
  • a pre-paid return postage sticker to return your bin

The school provides the larger items such as tarps, collection containers (barrels, boxes, bins, etc.) and of course the trash! NRRA will assist by applying commodity prices to the final weights from the school data sheets in order to assess potential savings and revenue for the school. We also provide recommendations based on the results and are only a phone call away if the school has any questions while using the kit. Contact Gwen Erley at for details to reserve your TOLD to Go Tool Kit and arrange delivery.  



YIMBY Where Does It Go Story Map for Organic Waste

Also, from our YIMBY Grant, with the help of the Antioch University Spatial Analysis Lab, we have created a map of organic waste facilities in NH, VT and MA.     Here is the link:      





Need Professional Development Credits? Go Remote!

Access Our Town & Gown Webinar Links!

We are pleased to present the completed webinars for professional development credit (where applicable) to Operators and Teachers.

(Please note that you must register and complete each webinar evaluation to receive credit.  All webinars are proprietary and cannot be duplicated or disseminated without express written permission from NRRA).

To access our webinars, go to our RESOURCES Page!



Keene School District Recycling Program

The Keene School District has contracted NRRA’s School Recycling CLUB to provide analysis, programming and equipment to facilitate effective and cost-saving recycling throughout the District. Phase One was completed with Star Assessments being done at each school.  Surveys were sent to staff at all seven schools to gauge their current recycling efforts.  Programming and recycling equipment will be provided this coming school year. A Trash On the Lawn Day (TOLD) event was held at John Fuller Elementary on October 29, 2019. This fun and educational all-day event allowed the students to hone their recycling skills by auditing a day’s worth of trash to see what could have been diverted from the landfill and recycled instead. Our next stop was Symonds Elementary on February 20, 2020, where we presented our Garbage Guerrillas workshops to the fifth-grade students. Here’s the PRESS RELEASE!

On April 28 and 29, 2020, Education Manager Heather Herring conducted our first remote workshop on composting – Back To The Earth.  Students of Keene Middle School STEM Focused Study Group first reviewed our Back To The Earth Webinar (#9), then prepared questions in advance that Heather was able to answer during the follow up session. Students were also able to interactively ask questions and type in questions using the “chat” feature.  Read all about it in the PRESS RELEASE!  A virtual workshop about the Keene Recycling Center is planned for the end of May. KMS hopes to reinvigorate their recycling program when school reopens.

Funding for this recycling programming was provided through the Joint Procurement Initiative between the City of Keene and the Keene School District. For more information, please contact Gwen Erley, Programs Coordinator at



School Club Curricula – Our Library is Growing!


3R’s of the Common Core: A Teacher’s Resource Guide to Solid Waste Recycling Sold as a set with Teaching Toxics (Call for Pricing)     




Teaching Toxics: Creating Solutions to Household Pollution.  Sold as a set with 3Rs of the Common Core (Call for Pricing)




School HazMat 101: A Blueprint for Hazardous Materials Management in Schools ($15 for Pickup; $20 if Mailed)     




Now Available! School On-Site Composting Guide ($15 for Pickup; $20 if Mailed)



Anyone interested in purchasing these resources should contact NRRA Programs Coordinator, Gwen Erley, at




White River Alliance Solid Waste Entity

School Outreach Continues for 2019-2020 School Year

Workshops and Technical Assistance Available

Vermont – We have completed our first and started our second round of outreach to schools in the White River Alliance Solid Waste Entity in Eastern/Central, VT. We will be working with two schools in the 2019-2020 school year. Outreach at The Rochester School was completed on Nov. 13 (See CLUB News above). Stockbridge Central School will be scheduled when schools reopen.

School outreach consists of four classroom workshops and two technical assistance trainings. These are being paid for by the Alliance so there is no cost to the schools.

Alliance communities include:  Barnard, Bethel, Granville, Hancock, Pittsfield, Rochester, Royalton and Stockbridge.

For more information, please contact The CLUB at


Rutland County SWAC SWIP Outreach

Ramping Up for 2019-2020

Vermont – On behalf of the Rutland County Solid Waste Alliance Communities (RCSWAC), NRRA is providing school outreach to assist with Act 148, Universal Recycling compliance.

School outreach was completed for the 2018-2019 school year.  Programming consisted of an NRRA Star Assessment and ANR School Recycling Scorecard.  There was no cost to the schools thanks to RCSWAC grant funding.

We are currently in the proposal phase for our second round of outreach.

RCSWAC Member towns include:  Benson, Chittenden, Fair Haven, Middletown Springs, Pawlet, Rutland Town, Shrewsbury, Sudbury, Tinmouth and West Haven.

For more information, please contact The CLUB at




From Our Friends at


A Scuba Diving Group is Making Face Masks Out of Recycled Ocean Plastic

A scuba diving group is turning plastic water bottles that once polluted oceans into face masks for people to protect themselves against the coronavirus. The face masks are made by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors(PADI), in partnership with Rash’R … Read More>




From our Friends at


Pompeii Ruins Show that the Romans Invented Recycling

Researchers at Pompeii, the city buried under a thick carpet of volcanic ash when Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD, have found that huge mounds of refuse apparently dumped outside the city walls were in fact “staging grounds for cycles of use and reuse”. Read More>





From our Friends at


A Look Back at the History of Recycling in the U.S.

A book by Susan Strasser explores how recycling has changed over the years.

Waste360 Staff | Apr 16, 2020

Recycling has come a long way since the 1800s, and a book by Susan Strasser details how recycling has changed over the years. “Waste and Want: A Social History of Trash” takes a look back at how recycling first started, how the environmental movement gained traction and how the concept of zero waste came about. has more information:

In the 1800s, there were no blue recycling bins, no sorting, no recycling trucks rumbling down the alley. Recycling as we know it didn’t exist. But people were way better at it.

“People recycled far more than we do now,” says Susan Strasser, author of Waste and Want: A Social History of Trash. If the elbows in a shirt wore out, you’d take the sleeves off, turn them inside out, and voila: new shirt. If a dress went out of style, you added new buttons or sent it back to the dressmaker to fashion a trendier frock. Eventually, the fabric would be turned into a quilt or a rag rug or just a rag.

For the entire article, CLICK HERE



From our Friends at Waste360com

The latest addition is a DeMartini from the 1930s.

Waste Pro Adds New Addition to Garbage Truck Museum

The latest addition is a DeMartini from the 1930s.

Waste360 Staff | Apr 17, 2020

Waste Pro has unveiled the newest addition to its Garbage Truck Museum: a 1930s (exact year unknown) DeMartini that was originally built in San Francisco. At the time, a group of Italian immigrants who called themselves “scavengers” because they had to scavenge to survive created a company (now called Recology) that by law was the only company in the city of San Francisco allowed in the waste collection industry. They formed an association of 100 operations, some even using horse-drawn carts to collect waste. After taking it upon themselves to make their own trucks in 1918, the DeMartini exploded in popularity—it was seen on every street in San Francisco by the mid-1920s, according to Waste Pro.

For the entire story, CLICK HERE!



From our Friends at


New Report: What Are the Fastest Growing Green Jobs?

If you’re worried about saving the planet and have decided to make a career out of it, then you’re in luck. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, careers related to helping the environment or conserving natural resources are predicted to see some job growth.

Read More>





Recycling & Environmental Game Links



In our internet travels, we have found several links to recycling and environmental games and activities that students might enjoy:




Think Spring!

Is your school interested in starting a composting program or school garden?  For an overview of composting basics, you can view our recorded webinar (developed through our USDA Town & Gown Grant) located on our Resources page. Just scroll down to Webinar 9. Don’t forget about our Compost Bin Sale! See NRRA News above.

For more information about scheduling programming for your school, please contact




From our Friends at H2O Waste Disposal Services, Inc.


H2O Art Contest

We are pleased to announce H2O’s first Art Contest open to all K-12 students in New Hampshire.

During these troubling times, we want to help provide students an opportunity to be creative and be rewarded for their work.

We are looking for student’s artwork of any kind that is about recycling or the environment.

If your child is below the age of 18, we ask that a parent or guardian fill out this form.

To submit your child’s artwork, use this Google Form:

Deadline for submission is June 20, 2020.






From our Friends at


HireAHelper Scholarships Available



HireAHelper, a Porch company, just release a $2000 scholarship available for The Club NRRA School Recycling Club students!

This scholarship occurs four times a year and is open to high school seniors and current college students.

You can find all the information related to the scholarship on the link below.

HireAHelper Scholarship

Our application dates are as follows:

Spring Contest Cycle: April 17 – July 17 of each year.
Summer Contest Cycle: July 18 – October 14 of each year.
Fall Contest Cycle: October 15 – January 15 of the following year.
Winter Contest Cycle: January 16 – April 16 of each year




From our Friends at NOAA


Bow Seat Ocean Awareness Competition

The 2020 Ocean Awareness Contest is accepting Visual Art, Film, Music, Poetry, Prose, and Interactive & Multimedia submissions from middle & high school students through June 15, 2020. “Climate Hope: Transforming Crisis” invites teens to learn about climate change and its impact on oceans; discover or imagine solutions at local, national, or global scales; and create work that explores hope in action. For complete details, visit the Ocean Awareness Contest Overview.

Other School Grant Opportunities

  • Youth Services America:  They offer multiple grant opportunities:
  •   Can list on site up to 4 months: Helps classrooms and students in need.
  • offers many ways to earn scholarship money.
  • GrassRoots Grants:
    • Seed grants – grants up to $1,000 to New England community-based groups with newly evolving local projects – apply anytime!
    • Grow grants – grants up to $3,500 to groups working to expand existing projects and broaden their scope – due March 15 & Sept. 15



From our Friends at EPA WasteWise & Food Recovery Challenge

EPA Recognizes Leaders in the Prevention and Diversion of Waste; the 2019 WasteWise National Award Winners

WASHINGTON – Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced the 2019 winners of the national WasteWise awards. EPA is recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of 11 WasteWise partner organizations.

For the entire list of WW Winners, go to:


EPA Recognizes Food Recovery Challenge Award Winners

The EPA nationally recognizes the exceptional accomplishments of 15 businesses and organizations participating in EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge. This year’s national award winners applied innovative approaches and engaged in a variety of practical cost-effective actions and best practices to prevent and reduce food waste.

For the entire list of FRC Winners, go to:\
Also From Our Friends at EPA


EPA Celebrates Earth Day and Environmental Education

Announcing Winners of the President’s Student-Teacher Environmental Awards

WASHINGTON (April 22, 2020) — Today, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), in partnership with the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), is pleased to announce the recipients of the Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Educators (PIAEE) and the President’s Environmental Youth Award (PEYA).

“As we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day, we are also celebrating nearly 50 years of environmental education that fosters awareness about conservation issues, and helps communities make informed, responsible decisions about their environment,” said EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler. “We are also honoring dedicated educators who spark enthusiasm in our youth to develop a love and respect for the environment and find solutions for issues that impact our air, water and land.”

View PIAEE winners here. View PEYA winners here

EPA’s WasteWise encourages organizations and businesses to achieve sustainability in their practices and reduce select industrial wastes.

WasteWise is part of EPA’s sustainable materials management efforts, which promote the use and reuse of materials more productively over their entire lifecycles.

To learn more, go to WasteWise Fact Sheet.




As part of EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge, organizations pledge to improve their sustainable food management practices and report their results. The FRC is part of EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management Program (SMM). SMM seeks to reduce the environmental impact of materials through their entire life cycle. This includes how they are extracted, manufactured, distributed, used, reused, recycled, and disposed.

To learn more, go to:  EPA FRC



An Inspirational Gallery of Art from Our Friends at Pinterest – What Can You Create?



Here are the links:  Art 1, Art 2, Art 3, Art 4, Art 5, Art 6





  • 05/02/20 – Vermont Green Up DayPostponed to May 30; For more information, go to:
  • 05/18 & 19/20 –  OFFICIALLY CANCELLED -NRRA’s 39th Annual Recycling Conference & Expo & School CLUB’s 11th Annual School Recycling Conference (Running concurrently for 2 days each!) Watch for our Summer Webinar Series!
  • 06/05/20 – World Environment Day – To plan your event, visit
  • 06/08/20 – World Oceans Day – To plan your event, visit


Stay Safe & Well Everyone!


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SHARE YOUR RECYCLING NEWS!  The NRRA School Recycling CLUB loves to hear what its members and other schools are doing to recycle and help the environment, so we can share it through our newsletter. There are so many different things being done, and you are our best source of information about what is working in your school. It can be a new program, a long-term project that’s been proven over time, a field trip, etc. Always feel free to contact me or submit a write-up and pictures and you might just see it in the next School News You Can Use! – Gwen Erley, 1-603-736-4401, Ext. 119