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Happy America Recycles Day!


  • CLUB News – CLUB receives NHPIE Golden Circle Award; Ceremony at Mtn. Village Charter School; Welcome Renewing Member Jennie D. Blake Elementary; Harvest Time in Somersworth
  • NRRA Member News & Services –  Can Cages & Recyclemobiles Still Available
  • 2019 Conference News –  Early Bird Discount Until 12/31/18 for Teachers & Student Groups
  • NRRA Grant News –  YIMBY! Grant Focuses on Composting; Town & Gown Webinars Ready to View; Keene School District Outreach Work; Presenting School HazMat 101!
  • NRRA SWIP News – White River Alliance SWD and Rutland SWAC SWIP Work 2018-2019
  • In The News – 15 Tips to Celebrate ARD; Gloria Barron Young Heroes Announced; Wisconsin School Wins Playground; Waterways Updates
  • Contests, Scholarships & Fundraisers –  Carton 2 Garden Recycling Contest; NOAA Poster Contest Ends Nov. 30
  • Government News (NHDES & EPA & USDA) – Tips for Donating Clothes
  • Activity – How to Make a Secret Book Safe; Book Page Fall Leaves

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CLUB Receives NHPIE Golden Circle Award




For all the details, see our Press Release!



Mtn. Village Charter School Receives Recycling Trailer & Bins

School CLUB Special Program Manager Sarah McGraw traveled to Plymouth, NH to help usher in a new recycling program at Mountain Village Charter School. Plymouth Transfer Station Manager Jessie Jennings and his staff revamped the recycling trailer and purchased recycling bins and ClearStream™ kits to help the school get their program off to a good start.

For the full Press Release, CLICK HERE!

Special thanks to NH the Beautiful for the discounted bins and kits!


Welcome Renewing Member!


Jennie D. Blake Elementary

  • Where:  Hill, NH
  • Mascot:  Hurricanes
  • Grades: K-6
  • Students:  61




From our Friends at Somersworth Farm to School


Harvest of the Month tastings at SMS, So Delicious!


October is National Farm to School month, and Somersworth schools celebrated with the first of the monthly tastings that SAU 56 will be hosting this school year. Our Farm to School group and Cafe Services will partner to create a tasty sample offered to all students and staff each month.  October’s NH Harvest of the Month featured vegetable was kale, and Cafe Services’ talented Chef Tracey made yummy KALE CHIPS. How’d she do it?

  • Wash kale,  pat dry, strip it off the stem.
  • Lightly oil a sheet pan or cookie sheet and preheat the oven to 250.
  • In a bowl toss the kale lightly with oil and lots of salt and pepper.
  • Bake for 15 or 20 minutes and let cool.

Middle Schoolers and High Schoolers were big fans; at the elementary level, opinions were more evenly divided.   What do Somersworth students have to look forward to trying in November?  Sweet potatoes!



Somersworth Mayor Dana Hilliard samples some kale with Science Teacher Chris Asbell’s approval! (Wendy Berkeley picture)















What has your recycling club (or transfer station) been up to?

Send us your pictures and we’ll share them in our next newsletter!



NRRA Member News & Services


What’s Up in Vermont?

From our Friend Pamela Lavoie Clapp, VT SWAC Administrator

The Vermont Dept. of Environmental Conservation has produced a flyer “How To Haul Food Scraps” for waste haulers.  However, the information is useful to schools and residents!

Here’s the link:

Pam also shared this link to a YouTube video about marketing your recycling programs based on behavior research – Community-Based Social Marketing for Improved Recycling Programs:

Thanks, Pam!


What’s Your Sign?








Did you know . . . that NH towns can get free recycling signage through NH the Beautiful? Towns are allotted a certain number of points each year which they can use for standard town or school signs.  Check with your local Transfer Station or contact for details on point status and eligibility.



Hosting school events or sports?  Consider a Can Cage!

The CLUB is offering an opportunity for school recycling clubs to not only preserve the environment by collecting cans, but also to receive revenue on a per pound basis for the cans they collect.  The goal of the program is to increase school recycling funds while increasing aluminum can recycling.  As part of the program, The CLUB will provide participating schools with a large aluminum collection cage that can be parked out doors for easy access.

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of NRRA, NRRA’s School Recycling CLUB and Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc., the Can Cages (2) are available for loan to member schools for FREE!!!

For more information CLICK HERE or contact Programs Coordinator, Gwen Erley at


NRRA is proud to make our RecycleMobiles available for your school and community events!

Thanks to the generous sponsorship of NRRA and New Hampshire the Beautiful, Inc., the RecycleMobiles are available for loan to NH schools, municipalities and community groups for FREE!

The RecycleMobile was developed to help make recycling at special events low-cost, highly visible and efficient. It is a simple to use, eye-catching recycling unit consisting of a fiberglass box with six collection holes (3 per side) that is attached to a 4′ by 6′ trailer and houses six 32-gallon barrels. You will need a 1-7/8″ ball to tow the RecycleMobile.

The NRRA has three RecycleMobiles available for community groups and organizations to use to provide recycling. Please contact the NRRA by telephone at (603) 736-4401 or by e-mail at for more information and scheduling details.

To reserve the RecycleMobile for your community’s event, download, complete and send in the RecycleMobile Reservation Form.




Thanks to NH the Beautiful, schools may purchase discounted recycling bins and ClearStreams.



For discounted school recycling bins, go to:


For discounted school ClearStreams™ Recyclers, go to:





Mark Your Calendar!


Our 10th Annual School Recycling Conference & Expo is set for May 21, 2019 – the second day of our 2-day NRRA Conference & Expo!






Sign Up for Your Discount!

Early Bird Discount of 10% if your school confirms before 12/31/18.




Don’t Forget Your NHtB School Grant!


Thanks to NH the Beautiful, NH Schools will again receive 1/2 off their registrations in 2019, defraying the cost so that more students and teachers can attend.  Add that to your early registration for a terrific discount! For the NH the Beautiful Grant Application, CLICK HERE!



Sharpen Your Pencils!

NH Schools – Put on your thinking caps! NH the Beautiful also added a new

$500 School Recycling Innovation Grant in 2018. Start planning your essays now and maybe your school will receive a check at the next Conference!




Pre-Register Now!

To pre-register for the 2019 Conference, contact Gwen Erley TODAY at  603-736-4401 ext. 19 OR email

Want to know what you missed this year? For all the 2018 Award Winners, Presentations, Press Releases and Photos, check out our 2018 Conference page!




YIMBY! – Yes In My Backyard!

NRRA is proud to announce that we have received a new grant from USDA!

YIMBY! – Yes In My Backyard! – will focus on composting and batteries.




For all the details, see our Press Release!

Town & Gown Webinar Links Now Available!


NRRA is putting the final touches on this year’s USDA Rural Development grant,  Town & Gown – Taking Down the Wall. This grant has assisted in building alliances between municipal transfer stations (NH), waste management districts (VT) and their associated schools.  Outreach training has been completed and we are pleased to present the  completed webinars for professional development credit to Operators and Teachers where applicable.

(Please note that you must register and complete each webinar evaluation to receive credit.  All webinars are proprietary and cannot be duplicated or disseminated without express written permission from NRRA. Please refer to the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.)

To access our webinars, go to our RESOURCES Page!


Presenting … School HazMat 101!

Are you concerned about your school’s health and safety? NRRA’s School HazMat 101: A Blueprint for Hazardous Materials Management in Schools was written specifically to help the entire school community benefit from addressing hazardous materials use. Funded by the USDA Rural Utilities Program, this manual provides information that improves the school’s ability to employ safe management practices.

Many people are accustomed to using hazardous materials in their everyday lives and have become desensitized to the potential health and environmental risks. They also may not fully understand the short­ and long-term health and environmental consequences. NRRA’s School HazMat 101: A Blueprint for Hazardous Materials Management in Schools reveals how hazardous materials can be used safely by raising awareness of the role hazardous materials play in their lives and the associated risks. This manual informs school personnel how to be pro-active in protecting themselves, the students, the environment, and by taking a leadership role in their community.

For grant reporting purposes, we are asking that schools contact NRRA individually and sign a Terms of Use stating they will not share their password. We want to track interest areas and demographics. Once we receive your signed Terms of Use, we will send you the password and link for School HazMat 101. Please send your signed Terms of Use to



Concerned about your school’s air quality? If you would like to have an assessment done at your school, you may order our Technical Assistance Training – Green Cleaning & Indoor Air Quality Assessment. For details, check out our MENU or contact Gwen Erley at


Keene School District Recycling Program

The Keene School District has contracted NRRA’s School Recycling CLUB to provide analysis, programming and equipment to facilitate effective and cost-saving recycling throughout the District.

Phase One was completed in 2017 with Star Assessments being done at each school.  Surveys were sent to staff at all seven schools to gauge their current recycling efforts.  Programming and recycling equipment will be provided this coming school year.

In preparation for this programming, a Star Assessment Training was held on Sept. 14 for representatives from each of the Keene schools. Each representative (along with several Girl Scouts) learned how to collect the field data needed to provide a comprehensive evaluation of their school’s current recycling program. The representatives will collect their data in October and send it to NRRA for analysis and a final report.

For more information, please contact Gwen Erley, Programs Coordinator at


Teacher Resources Available for Purchase!

Classic K-12 Recycling Activities with

21st Century Standards


Thanks to grant funding through USDA-Rural Development, NRRA’s School Recycling CLUB is proud to offer the newest editions of their school curricula 3R’s of the Common Core: A Teacher’s Resource Guide to Solid Waste and Recycling and Teaching Toxics: Creating Solutions to Household Pollution.  These references are divided into age appropriate lessons for K-3, 4-6, 7-8 and 9-12. Schools may select from hard copy or PDF versions.

In addition, four classroom workshop modules have been updated and are available in PDF versions only.  They are:

  1. Garbage Guerrillas
  2. Back to the Earth
  3. Healthy Home/Clean Waters
  4. Waste = Global Climate Change

Anyone else interested in purchasing these resources should contact NRRA Programs Coordinator, Gwen Erley, at

  • For the Pricing Guide, click HERE.
  • For the Terms of Use, click HERE.
  • For the Curricula Descriptions, click HERE.



White River Alliance Solid Waste District School Outreach Continues for 2018-19 School Year

Workshops and Technical Assistance Available

Vermont – We have completed our first and started our second round of outreach to schools in the White River Alliance Solid Waste District in Eastern/Central, VT. Educator Charen Fegard will be working with two schools in the 2018-2019 school year.

School outreach consists of four workshops and two technical assistance trainings. These are being paid for by the Alliance so there is no cost to the schools.

Alliance communities include:  Barnard, Bethel, Granville, Hancock, Pittsfield, Rochester, Royalton and Stockbridge.

For more information, please contact The CLUB at

Rutland County SWAC SWIP Outreach

Ramping Up for 2019

Vermont – NRRA’s School Recycling CLUB has completed our school outreach efforts for the 2017-2018 School year on behalf of the Rutland County Solid Waste Alliance Communities (RCSWAC). We met with two more Rutland County schools in April. Our goal is to assist with Act 148, Universal Recycling compliance.

Fair Haven enjoyed a presentation on Healthy Home/Clean Waters through our USDA Town & Gown Grant.  See the PRESS RELEASE for details.

Outreach will resume next spring for the 2018-2019 school year.  School outreach consists of an NRRA Star Assessment and ANR School Recycling Scorecard.  There is no cost to the schools thanks to RCSWAC grant funding.

RCSWAC Member towns include:  Benson, Chittenden, Fair Haven, Middletown Springs, Pawlet, Rutland Town, Shrewsbury, Sudbury, Tinmouth and West Haven.

For more information, please contact The CLUB at





15 tips for America Recycles Day


  • Tip #1: Plastic bottle caps are usually recyclable along with the bottle! Check with your  local solid waste & recycling office to be sure, but many recycling programs accept bottle caps, made from #5 and #2 plastics.
  • Tip #2: Technology is always evolving! Pizza boxes can now be recycled – just dump out the crumbs and cheese before recycling. If your community doesn’t yet accept whole pizza boxes for recycling, half is better than none, so tear off the grease-free top and put it in the bin!
  • Tip #3: When it comes to recycling, every community is different. Do some research to make sure you’re recycling all the materials accepted in your community. Check with your local solid waste and recycling office or for information on your local recycling options.
  • Tip #4: A trick up your sleeve: Many recycling programs don’t accept paper cups because of the waxy lining. Don’t forget to recycle the cardboard sleeve!
  • Tip #5:  Look beyond the daily paper. Does your community recycling program accept cereal and tissue boxes? Magazines? Mail? Check with your local solid waste and recycling office to make sure you’re doing all you can to save trees!
  • Tip #6: Plastic bag and film recycling doesn’t stop with grocery bags. Recycle your dry cleaning, newspaper, & bread bags and also the plastic film on products like paper towels. Visit for the nearest drop-off point. It is likely a grocery store or retailer you frequent already!
  • Tip #7: Reduce and reuse first to shrink your environmental footprint! Reduce your unwanted mail by unsubscribing via
  • Tip #8: What you don’t put in your recycling bin is just as important as what you do recycle. Know what’s recyclable in your community so you don’t contaminate the recycling process with items like plastic bags and clothing hangers. Check with your local recycling and solid waste office for details on your community recycling program, and look up nearby drop-off facilities at where you can bring those harder-to-recycle items.
  • Tip #9: Keep bags for both trash and recycling in your car. Pre-sorting makes it easier to recycle on the go.
  • Tip #10:  Recycling: it’s not just in the kitchen. Don’t trash your and shampoo bottles and toilet paper rolls just because they’re in the bathroom!
  • Tip #11: Can it! Metals are among the most valuable materials in the waste stream and almost all recyclers welcome aluminum and steel. So, recycle your cans!
  • Tip #12: Answer the call to recycle your wireless phone! 100 million of them go out of use each year, according to the U.S. EPA. Donate your out-of-use cell phone to a local charity or find a drop-off facility near you (
  • Tip #13: Don’t exclude your food. Not ready to dive into composting just yet? Toss your egg shells and coffee grounds into the garden instead of the trash. You’ll be diverting a little waste and enriching your soil at the same time.
  • Tip# 14: Close the loop by buying recycled content material. Recycling is the first step in the cycle, then the material is processed, and the last step is up to you:  Keep recycled content products in demand.
  • Tip #15: You don’t need to rinse out your glass bottles and jars before recycling!


You Are Never Too Young to Recycle!


We just had to share this great picture from Moody AFB in Georgia!


(U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Brittany Barker-Moody Air Force Base, GA-11/19/07)

From our Friends at the Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes


Congratulations to our 2018 Winners & Honorees!

by Barbara Ann Richman | Sep 19, 2018 | Announcements

We’re thrilled to announce our 2018 Barron Prize winners and honorees! They’re an inspiring group of 25 young heroes from across the U.S. and Canada who are putting their passions and talents to work to do so much good in the world. They’ve hatched creative ways to address issues like literacy, plastics pollution, hunger, water conservation, and renewable energy. We’re inspired by their courage, compassion, and determination, and are so proud to name them Barron Prize young heroes. Huge congratulations to this year’s 15 winners and 10 honorees!

For the complete list of winners and their amazing projects, CLICK HERE!

Mark your calendars! The 2019 application cycle opens January 7, 2019 with a deadline of April 15, 2019.




From our Friends at


Bethesda, Wis., School Wins Recycled Playground Challenge


Colgate and Meijer partnered with TerraCycle to award Bethesda Elementary School with a recycled playground made from oral care waste.

Waste360 Staff | Sep 20, 2018

Bethesda Elementary School, located in Waukesha, Wis., won a recycled playground made from oral care waste through this year’s Recycled Playground Challenge, courtesy of Colgate-Palmolive, Meijer and TerraCycle.

The school earned a total of 28,959 playground credits, by recycling waste and via online voting, to win the challenge. The playground, which will be built using recycled oral care waste collected through the Colgate Oral Care Recycling Program, will be unveiled at a ceremony scheduled for September 21 at Bethesda Elementary School.

“We are so proud of our Bethesda Community and very grateful to TerraCycle, Colgate-Palmolive and Meijer for this opportunity,” said Bethesda Principal Jeremy Martin in a statement.

For the whole article, CLICK HERE!


From our Friends at

Rinse, Recycle, Repeat Scholarship Winners

The Rinse, Recycle, Repeat College Competition challenged students to rep their campus and recycle thousands of empty beauty and personal care products. DoSomething member Miranda from Winston Salem State University collected an *unreal* 5,008 empties. She took home top prize and a $2,000 scholarship!

Miranda says:

“I’m trying my best to move towards a plastic free lifestyle.This campaign honestly did change a lot for me. For example now when I go on walks or hike I keep a bag on me so I can pick up litter and recycle it the right way. This campaign is also important because people don’t tend to realize how much waste our beauty routines can produce.”


The second place winner in the Rinse, Recycle, Repeat College Competition is…Abbi, a DoSomething member from Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts! She and her classmates recycled an amazing 2,874 empties, earning Abbi a $1,000 scholarship!

Abbi says:

“This campaign was important to me because it eliminated so much waste from ending up in landfills and oceans. It also brought greater awareness to all those who participated in my drive.”



DoSomething member Victoria from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska collected 2,413 empties at her school, took home third place in the Rinse, Recycle, Repeat College Competition, and scored a $500 scholarship!


Victoria says:

“This campaign is important to me because we can make a HUGE impact with a such small change. Recycling helps our world, today and tomorrow!”


Cleaning Up Our Waters


From our Friends at Waste 360


The Million Waves Project Looks to Solve Two Global Issues at Once


Here’s a look at how a newly created nonprofit is using reclaimed ocean plastic to make 3D-printed upper limbs for those in need.

Megan Greenwalt | Aug 01, 2018

After reading about the Great Pacific Garbage Patchand knowing the lack of access to prostheses, an Anacortes, Wash.-based nonprofit was born to Chris and Laura Moriarity.

The Million Waves Project, in partnership with GreenBatch, an Australian company that recycles plastic into 3D printing filament, takes these two global issues and provides a sustainable solution. The group makes 3D-printed upper limbs from reclaimed ocean plastic.

To read the entire article, CLICK HERE!

From our Friends at


Floating Cyclist Cleans up Plastic from City Waterways

How one man quit his job as a management consultant and converted his bicycle into a floating vehicle to raise awareness of plastic pollution.

Waste360 Staff | Jul 27, 2018

Dhruv Boruah used to work as a management consultant, spending 14 hours a day in front of a screen. Now, the adventurer from London spends his days clearing plastic from the city’s waterways. But there’s a catch—he does it on a floating bicycle.

Boruah began his campaign, The Thames Project, a year ago to raise awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution and to inspire people to take action. He also works with councils, businesses and communities to encourage them to reduce their plastic footprint.

For the full CNN article, go to:


Speaking of London’s Waterways . . .


From our friends at


Second Boat Made From Recycled Plastic Sets Sail On The Thames

Photo Courtesy of

September 4th, 2018 – Environmental charity Hubbub launched its new boat made from 99 per cent recycled plastic, ‘PET Project’, on Thursday 30 August, in a bid to raise awareness of the effect plastic pollution has on UK waterways.

For the whole story, go to:



From our Friends at NOAA Marine Debris Program

Featured Activity

Recycling Relay

Looking for an activity that will teach your students about marine debris and encourage them to get rid of some excess energy? If your answer is “yes,” then the Recycling Relay is for you!

Students are broken into teams, each given an assortment of debris items. Near each team is a garbage can, then a recycling bin, and finally a bin for items that can be reused. The bins should be at varying distances from the students, with the garbage can the closest and the reuse bin the farthest away. Students’ task is to put each item in its appropriate bin within a certain time frame. Students collect points as they go, with the most points earned for reusing items (the most desirable option). Debris items that are correctly put into the garbage can earn their team one point (a point for keeping it out of the environment!), items correctly in the recycling bin are three points, and those in the reuse bin are five points (students must explain how they can be reused). There is some room for interpretation (such as a plastic bottle being appropriate for both the recycling bin and the reuse bin), so students will have to use their knowledge and strategy to collect the most points.

Check out a demonstration of this and other activities in the Trash Talk Webinar for Educators!

And Finally, One Student Making a Difference!


From our Friends at


Girl Rescues River


Eleven-year-old Stella Bowles combined citizen science with social media savvy to reclaim her local river.

Gemma Alexander October 30, 2018

Science is not strictly the domain of academics in white coats. Anyone can be a citizen scientist, collecting and analyzing data from the natural world. It’s a great way to learn more about science and the environment, but citizen science can be more than just a self-improving hobby. Eleven-year-old Stella Bowles combined citizen science with social media savvy to rescue the river near her home.

For the whole article, CLICK HERE!

Recycling & Environmental Game Links

In our internet travels, we have found several links to recycling and environmental games and activities that students might enjoy:



As the weather forces us indoors, are you concerned about your school’s indoor air quality?

For technical assistance, please consider The CLUB’s Indoor Air Quality & Green Cleaning training. For an overview, you can view our recorded webinar located on our Resources page. Just scroll down to Webinar 13.

For more information about scheduling an evaluation for your school, please contact


Contests, Scholarships & Fundraisers


It’s Not Too Early to Think Spring!


From our Friends at


Carton 2 Garden

Open to public and private schools, Carton 2 Garden will award fifteen innovative garden creations featuring creative and sustainable uses for repurposed milk and juice cartons – including a $5,000 grand prize! Register today and get exclusive lesson plans to integrate your project with your classroom.

Entries are due by Monday, March 25, 2019 by Midnight PST.

You can access the online entry form at:


From our Friends at Waste360 Daily Wire

Schools Nationwide Participate in PepsiCo’s Recycle Rally Program

September 4 to April 26

By Cristina Commendatore

As the 2018-19 school year kicks off for students and teachers across the country, every school that participates in PepsiCo’s Recycle Rally program has different goals when it comes to recycling. Some schools are focused on making Recycle Rally an educational and developmental experience for the students. Others integrate the program into a broader environmental sustainability program at the school. And many schools just want to increase recycling because they are disappointed every time they see recyclables being unnecessarily added to landfills.


Here is the link to all the rules from our friends at PepsiCo Recycling Support:

From our Friends at National Ocean Service, NOAA

NOAA Annual Art Contest for Grades K-8

Runs Oct. 15 to Nov. 30


The NOAA Marine Debris Program’s annual art contest is almost here!


This year’s contest will be open to K-8 students from October 15th through November 30th.


Winners will be featured in our 2020 calendar. Keep your eye on our website for more information as it gets closer.



Foot Locker Scholar Athletes


Apply for a chance to win a $20,000 scholarship for college! 20 winners will be selected nationally!

Are you a high school senior who’s a leader on your sports team, in your classroom, and in your community? Could you use $20,000 for school?

Then apply to be a Foot Locker Scholar Athlete or nominate an awesome student-athlete in your school or community.

We’re looking for 20 amazing scholar-athletes, and you could be one of them. To qualify for a $20,000 scholarship, apply by December 14!

To apply, go to:


From our Friends at


Youth Garden Grant

The 2019 Youth Garden Grant is open to any nonprofit organization, public or private school, or youth program in the United States or US Territories planning a new garden program or expanding an established one. If your program serves at least 15 youth between the ages of 3 and 18, we encourage you to apply.

A total of 25 programs will be awarded, with the top 5 programs receiving award packages worth $2100 in cash and gardening gear, and 20 programs receiving packages worth $500! Applications are due December 17, 2018.

For all the details, go to:



From our Friends at National Wildlife Federation


Young Reporters for the Environment

NWF is looking for candidates for their 2018-2019 Young Reporters for the Environment Competition. Keep the following dates in mind:

  • February 22, 2019 – Entries due
  • April 10, 2019 – National winners announced. 1st place winners progress to international level.
  • June 5, 2019 International winners announced (World Environment Day)

For more information on this competition, CLICK HERE!


Other School Grant Opportunities




From our Friends at NH DES – GREENWorks Newsletter


Donating Old Clothes? Include Items in Poor Condition!

For the whole article, CLICK HERE!

EPA’s WasteWise encourages organizations and businesses to achieve sustainability in their practices and reduce select industrial wastes.

WasteWise is part of EPA’s sustainable materials management efforts, which promote the use and reuse of materials more productively over their entire lifecycles.

To learn more, go to WasteWise Fact Sheet.


As part of EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge, organizations pledge to improve their sustainable food management practices and report their results. The FRC is part of EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management Program (SMM). SMM seeks to reduce the environmental impact of materials through their entire life cycle. This includes how they are extracted, manufactured, distributed, used, reused, recycled, and disposed.

To learn more, go to:  EPA FRC




From our crafty friends at Pinterest

Crafting with Damaged Books: How to Make a Secret Book Safe

Making a secret book safe is a lot easier than I thought.  It’s one of those things that I thought I’d have to buy because I thought it’d be a really cool gift.  But before I spend any money to buy one, why not try to make it myself??? Here is how to make a secret book safe.


  • Thick hardback book
  • Decoupage medium or glue and water mixture
  • Paint brush
  • Sharp knife
  • Metal straightedge

For all the details, go to:

Here’s a craft for the leftover scrap pages

From our friends at


Book Page Fall Leaves

By: Jessica from

This image courtesy of

Get yourself out of a fall decorating bind and show off your inner book worm by making some Book Page Fall Leaves with old book pages. These leaves are a novel idea that can liven up old holiday decor or make the perfect table decorations for a fall party. If you’re part of a book club this DIY home decor will add some tasteful decorations to go with your books and tea. Book lovers will like this cheap and easy craft.

The best thing about paper crafts that recycle is that they allow you to enjoy the art of paper crafting without spending a dime. This particular DIY craft uses old books to create new designs. If you do not have a book at home you are ready to part with, you could easily pick one up at the thrift store.

  • Primary Technique: Paper Crafts
  • Occasion/Theme: Fall

Click here for the Paper Craft.




11/15/18 – America Recycles Day – An initiative of Keep America Beautiful (KAB), America Recycles Day is the only nationally-recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the U.S. For ideas, contact

03/18/19 – Global Recycling Day – The second annual celebration from the Bureau of International Recycling!  For more information, visit:

03/22/19 – World Water Day – To plan your event, visit

04/22/19 – Earth Day – To plan your event, see future newsletters and visit

04/26/19 – Arbor Day – To plan your event, visit

05/08/19 – Bike to School Day – To register your school event:

05/20 & 21/19 – NRRA’s 38th Annual Recycling Conference & Expo

05/21/19 – School Recycling CLUB’s 10th Annual School Recycling Conference (the Conference within the Conference); Registration assistance available for NH schools through NH the Beautiful. 10% discount if your school confirms by 12/31/18!

06/05/19 – World Environment Day – To plan your event, visit

06/08/19 – World Oceans Day – To plan your event, visit



May Your Holiday Be Filled with Family, Friends and Food!




mailboxWHAT IS YOUR SCHOOL CLUB UP TO? The NRRA School Recycling CLUB always loves to hear what its members and other schools are doing to recycle and help the environment so we can share it through our newsletter. There are so many different things being done, and you are our best source of information about what is working in your school. It can be a new program, a long-term project that’s been proven over time, a field trip, etc. Always feel free to contact me or submit something and you may see it in the next School News You Can Use! – Gwen Erley, 1-603-736-4401, Ext. 19